[Closed] Entity Framework Core Feature Suggestions

This web site is planned to be retired on July 31, 2019, and it is no longer being monitored by the EF team at Microsoft.

We have decided to unify our feedback process to focus on our existing issue trackers at GitHub.com. We are not planning to migrate the list of ideas posted here, because some of these ideas and votes were submitted a long time ago and therefore the number of votes likely does not accurately reflect the current priority for customers.

You are welcome to re-submit your favorite ideas to our issue trackers. We only request that you first search for existing issues and try to avoid creating duplicates.

Please visit the EF Core issue tracker or the EF6 issue tracker depending on what product you want to report bugs, make contributions, or submit ideas for.

Note that our team will only fix bugs, implement small improvements and accept community contributions on the EF6 codebase. Larger feature work and innovation will happen only on EF Core.

If you want to learn how to use our products, visit our documentation pages.

If you have technical questions or need help, consider asking in Stack Overflow using the EF Core or EF6 tags.

Note that roadmap questions, bug reports, feature requests or ideas are not appropriate for Stack Overflow. Visit Stack Overflow’s help center for guidance on appropriate usage.

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[Closed] Entity Framework Core Feature Suggestions

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