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Offer eager loading strategies

I supposed that eager loading currently supports only single fixed strategy and except some rare cases this strategy always joins all eager loaded data to one huge record set - at least that is what I saw so far.

I described the impact of such eager loading on Stack Overflow:

It would be nice to have some control over the way how eager loading is executed with possibility to define if eager loaded data should be joined into single result set with the main data or if they should be executed in separate query.

Something like:

var data = context.Items
.Include(p => p.ParentItem, EagerLoadingStrategy.JoinQuery)
.Include(p => p.SubItems, EagerLoadingStrategy.SeparateQuery);
.Where(p => p.Id == 123);

Generated SQL executed in single roundtrip (the main difference between using separate LINQ queries) will look like:

/* Base item query with joined parent */
SELECT i.Id AS ...,
i.ParentId AS ...,
i.Name AS ...,
p.ParentId AS ...,
p.Name AS ...,
FROM Items AS i
LEFT JOIN Items AS p ON i.ParentId = p.Id
WHERE i.Id = 123

/* Separate query for children */
SELECT c.Id AS ...,
c.ParentId AS ...,
c.Name AS ...
FROM Items
WHERE c.ParentId = 123

It would be also nice to be able to set default strategy globally per context instance.

At the moment I'm not sure if there is another useful strategy for the eager loading but perhaps a community will find another.

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